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Welcome to
Rocky Mountain
Turf Solutions

What We Do

At Rocky Mountain Turf Solutions (RMTS), our mission is rooted in providing unparalleled design and construction for sports fields, playgrounds, and recreational turf surfaces. With over two decades of experience, we've become synonymous with integrity, education, and expertise. As your certified turf experts, we are committed to excellence, combining attention to detail, organizational prowess, and diversified skills. Read more about what we offer.

Unrivaled Excellence Through Partnership

Our unique partnership with AstroTurf, the industry innovator, spans two divisions: athletic turf and recreational turf. This collaboration forms an indomitable team, bringing together our years of experience with AstroTurf's cutting-edge research and development. The result? The best synthetic turf products for any specialized application, continually evolving for durability, safety, and the closest resemblance to real grass.

Why Rocky Mountain Turf Solutions?

Rocky Mountain Turf Solutions isn't just a construction company; we're a family committed to serving communities. Specializing in sports facility construction and synthetic surfaces, we believe that when you choose us, you become part of the RMTS family. Our business is built on providing the safest synthetic surfaces for athletes, ensuring every playing field meets the highest standards.

Why Do We Use AstroTurf Turf?

AstroTurf, the leading innovator in turf manufacturing, undergoes rigorous research and development to ensure safety and durability. Their Rootzone products are the closest to real grass on the market, promoting fewer injuries and enhanced performance. Our dedication to player safety is unwavering, and we trust AstroTurf's continuous innovation and top-quality products. Click here to learn more about AstroTurf.


Explore Our Turf Triumphs

Metropolitan State
University of Denver

Denver, Colorado

Built in 2022

283,000 SQ FT

Brighton Sports

Brighton, Colorado

Built in 2022
408,000 SQ FT

Who We Are

At RMTS, we hold dear our values of integrity, education, and experience. Detail-oriented, organized, and diverse in our skills, we've thrived in the industry for over 20 years. As your dedicated turf experts, we're here for the long haul. Meet the leadership team behind the scenes. 

Let's Connect!

"The outcome of our new synthetic turf playing surface exceeded our expectations. RMTS displayed excellent workmanship, communication and professionalism throughout the entire project. We look forward to working with RMTS again on our other athletic facilities."

CSU Pueblo
Vice President for Athletics

We Hope to Work with You Soon!

Do you have questions about turf and what we do? Start here with our Frequentaly Asked Questions Page to get started — and contact us when you're ready!

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