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About Us

Meet Our Leadership Team


Jonathan Quenzer

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Quenzer uses his vast experience as a corporate lawyer of 30 years to run RMTS like a well oiled machine. He is all about having fun while creating a lasting relationship with our clients. His most valued quality is integrity in all that he does.

Lacey Hartman


Lacey Hartman believes that the cornerstone of a great business is honesty and quality workmanship. She strives to maintain that within RMTS at all times.


Kent Hartman

Vice President

Kent Hartman is who you willl see building your field and ensuring that the quality is to the standard we hold ourselves. He is the backbone of the construction crews out on the job site and the eyes, ears, and hands of the company.

Dave Lange

Director of Sales

Dave Lange maintains our amazing relationships with every client that becomes part of the RMTS family. You can count on him to follow through on what he promises you because we strive to follow through on our promises at RMTS.

What makes us Turf Experts?

Our mission is to provide the best possible design and build of sports fields, playgrounds, and various recreational turf surfaces.We do that in partnership with AstroTurf, the innovator of the industry, through our two divisions: athletic turf and recreational turf


At RMTS, we value integrity, education and experience. We are detail-oriented, organized and diversified in our skills, and these combined with our values have kept us in the industry for over 20 years. We, your experienced and certified turf experts, are here for the long haul. 

Our unique partnership with AstroTurf has created an infallible team combining our skills with their years of research and development. It has made us a force to reckon with, in which we have the best product to add to any specialized application. AstroTurf has truly added a great deal to our team.


A little bit about AstroTurf:
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