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Navigating the Rocky Mountain Turf Solutions Experience

Why Choose Rocky Mountain Turf Solutions?

Rocky Mountain Turf Solutions distinguishes itself by empowering clients with tailored turf installation insights. Each project receives personalized attention, ensuring a robust foundation and turf with proven durability. RMTS takes pride in being your expert partner, delivering a finished product that resonates with pride.

Why Opt for AstroTurf Turf?

AstroTurf reigns as a trailblazer in turf manufacturing, renowned for its meticulous research and development. The Rootzone products emulate real grass, promising heightened safety and superior performance. AstroTurf isn't just a choice; it's a commitment to innovation and excellence in turf solutions.

Is Turf Safe for Players?

Turf, with its innovative Rootzone system and advanced fiber technology, offers a secure alternative to natural grass. The commitment to player safety spans decades of research and development. AstroTurf stands at the forefront of innovation, ensuring the safest playing environment. See below for a video with more information.

Is AstroTurf's Rootzone Turf a Wise Choice?

AstroTurf's Rootzone Turf stands out as the only product incorporating a "Rootzone." This unique feature securely holds the turf infill, preventing migration and resulting in a smooth field surface. Opting for AstroTurf's Rootzone Turf not only enhances player safety but also streamlines maintenance, reducing the need for frequent infill redistribution.

Michigan State University on AstroTurf Safety

AstroTurf compares favorably to natural grass in peak torque tests performed by Michigan State University. This video looks at Density, Infill, and Gauge (DIG) of turf systems and how these factors can affect injuries. See how AstroTurf's LOW DIG design stacks up to the competition.


The inventor of synthetic turf, AstroTurf is one of the most iconic brands in American sports — as legendary as the athletes who’ve battled on it. Learn more about their mission to help you at

Any More Questions?

We'd love to hear from you and answer any further questions you may have.

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