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Meet our Dynamic Leadership Team

Discover the Faces Behind RMTS


Why Choose RMTS?

Passionate Turf Experts

Our mission is clear — to design and build top-notch sports fields, playgrounds, and recreational turf surfaces. In partnership with AstroTurf, the industry innovator, we bring our expertise to life through our athletic turf and recreational turf divisions.

Our Commitment

At RMTS, we hold dear our values of integrity, education, and experience. Detail-oriented, organized, and diverse in our skills, we've thrived in the industry for over 20 years. As your dedicated turf experts, we're here for the long haul.

Partnership with AstroTurf

Our collaboration with AstroTurf forms an unbeatable team. Merging our skills with their years of research and development, we've become a force in the industry, offering the best product for any specialized application. AstroTurf's contribution has truly elevated our game.

We'd Love to Get to Know you too.

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