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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Rocky Mountain Turf Solutions?

    • Rocky Mountain Turf Solutions educates its clients on the correct way to install their turf in every different application. Every project is different, so we tailor the installation based on the clients' needs. We build a base to last and withstand the elements, and provide turf with proven durability. RMTS is the expert in the clients' needs to have a finished product they will be proud of.

  • Why AstroTurf turf?

    • AstroTurf is the leading innovator in turf manufacturing and have a rigorous research and development process in which they test the safety and durability of the product. The Rootzone products that AstroTurf manufacture are the closest to real grass on the market, which means less injuries and better performance.

  • Will my players get hurt?

    • Turf is a very safe alternative to real grass. Our innovative technology with the Rootzone system and more fibers creates the safest environment for a player. 

  • Is it Safe?

    • Decades of research and development have gone into making AstroTurf products the closest to real grass as possible. Nothing is more important to us than player safety. We dedicate ourselves to using a product that is the safest option out there. Research and development is constantly improving with AstroTurf leading in innovation and top quality products.

  • Why use AstroTurf's Rootzone Turf?

    • AstroTurf is currently the only manufacturer to create a "Rootzone" in their product. This Rootzone holds in the turf infill so that there is little to no migration of the infill. This is safer for the players as there are no dips and bumps in the field and is better on maintenance because the infill does not need redistributed nearly as often.

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