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RMTS provides maintenance packages for all clients and non clients. If you have turf we will service it! Each maintenance package price will be unique to the customer. Contact us if you would like a quote for our services.

We work to provide you the best services locally. Our response time is fast on emergencies and we are able to keep costs low because we service our local region. We have crews mobilized in the region we service constantly and can come out for repairs in a timely manner.

What is Included?

✓ Field Inspection

Decompaction of Infill

✓ Field cleaning

✓ Remove debris

✓ Infill depth measurements

✓ Infill redistribution

✓ Grooming

✓ Repair all open seams and inlays

✓ G-Max testing

✓ Aging assessment

✓ Remove ferrous metal from infill

✓ Treat weed encroachment


Annual Package

The most popular option is an annual maintenance service with RMTS. Most clients do their own regular maintenance but need service once a year as a more extensive overhaul.

Biannual Package

RMTS offers a biannual maintenance package as well.


Is available upon request


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